USMC Active Reserve Billets

The current Active Reserve billets are always changing, due to Marines coming on to the program and leaving the program.

Their are two times a year that the billets are most avaliable, they are October due to promotion failure seperations and January due to calender year movement avaliability.

There is no internet available list of Active Reserve billets.


There is a list of MOS’s that are accepting applications which can be found HERE


In order to get this list you must contact a Prior Service recruiter that can request the current list.


Prior Service Recruiter Phone List

The Rerserve Affairs Manpower – 2 office does randomly publish a MARADMIN with Active Reserve shortages throughout the year but these list are only valid for a mater of weeks due to changing manpower needs.

The published MARADMIN is only for limited tour billets.  This is important because Marines that join to one of these billets will not be guarenteed reenlistment.