8 thoughts on “All New USMC PFT Requirements

  1. True Marine!

    With the mentioned comments, the Marine Corps will undoubtedly be better without you.

  2. Rick W.

    We asked for higher standards, and we’re getting them. Yeah it sucks, blah blah… Damn bro, just prepare and train for it, and then crush it.

    Adapt and overcome, embrace the suck, and all that moto shit…
    Although, I still say standards should be the same for males and females.

  3. John T. Caselli

    I just complete the new PFT TEST with 165 points. I am an aviator and was commissioned in 1968. Do the math. I am 70 years old. These standards are not just for the Corps. The ensure us of good health and longevity; with plenty of energy and strength to meet some of life’s challenges. I agree with those who think that the women should be graded on the same scale as the men. I read that they want our jobs. OK, then! Qualify!

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