USMC PSEP – Prior Service Enlistment Program – Part 1


Over the last 60 days I have attempted to find all the information pertaining to PSEP or Broken Service Reenlistment in the Marines Corps.  This post is a long hand explanation of current(Jan 2011) policies regarding this program.

First,  the issue of responsible party for handling the accession is contentious.  This issue is addressed in the MCO P1040.31J in Chapter 4 Section 1 Paragraph 5 bullet b.

b. Broken. A former Marine who reenlists in the Regular Marine Corps
while having been separated from the Regular Marine Corps for more than 90
days. An active duty recruiter, per
MCO 1130.80A, Prior Service and Reserve
Augmentation Enlistments into the Regular Marine Corps, may submit broken
reenlistment requests.

Hopefully, these two references will help you stop getting passed off onto some other person.  Translated you will need to have a RSS(Recruiting Sub Station) recruiter sponsor your reenlistment.  It is also a rumor that the recruiter does not receive credit for the accession, THIS IS FALSE.

MCO 1130.80A

ENC (1) 2. b. Accession Credit. Marines reenlisted per this enclosure count for
accession credit.

ENC (2) 2. b. Accession Credit. Marines reenlisted per this enclosure count for
accession credit.

ENC (3) 2. b. Accession Credit
(1) Obligated Reserve Marines who reenlist do not count as an
accession credit.
(2) Non Obligated Reserve Marines who reenlist will count as an
accession credit.

After you have identified your recruiting sponsor you will need to identify your PSEP classification, there are 4 types.  I will address each type below:

FTAP – You served one initial contract and EAS’d.  Minimum rank of Cpl (waiver-able).  A reenlistment code of RE-1A or RE-1B is required.  Rank retained.

STAP –  You have served one or more contracts and have the minimum rank of Sgt.  A reenlistment code of RE-1A or RE-1B is required.  Cannot have received separations pay.  Rank Retained.

Reserve – You are obligated or non obligated reserve component Marine.  More on this later.

The above two steps are arguably the hardest to complete.

Some basic PSEP guidelines:

  1. No packages are excepted in the first fiscal quarter of the year.
  2. MOS’s are only available until their retention target is reached.
  3. District Recruiting commands will have to pull the available boat spaces after January 1st to determine what is available.
  4. What MOS’s are closed for the year are release via MARADMIN’s.
  5. You will need to meet the prerequisites of the MOS prior to submittal reference MCO 1200.17.

If you have determined that your classification as STAP or FTAP then you simply need to begin completing the attached checklist.

PSEP Checklist

18 thoughts on “USMC PSEP – Prior Service Enlistment Program – Part 1

  1. Andrew Smith

    I recently read your postings on prior service. I am currently in an SMCR unit and got out of active duty last october. I am trying to get back to either Active Duty or the Active Reserves, I noticed that there will be no packages accepted for the first quarter of the fiscal year, is there any way around this or am I going to have to wait until January 2012 before I can do anything? I’m willing to do anything possible to get back in, what can I do? Thankyou!

    1. killfoot

      Packages are only NOT excepted between October 1 and January 1. Therefore you should be able to submit from now until September 31, but availability will decrease as time passes and slots are filled.

      Depending on your MOS(available reenlistment slots) you should be able to request Conditional Release(DD368 from MFR) and then go to an active duty recruiter for PSEP to active duty, or go to a Prior Service Recruiter for AR.

      You should also consider IMA(Individual Mobilization Augment) for a non-permanent solution, that would give you time to pursue the more permanent AR or PSEP.

      1. Andrew Smith

        Ok sounds good thankyou. However, it seems like every recruiter I go to says that they can’t/dont’t know how/or tell me to go to someone else. Any ideas?

    2. killfoot

      I would recommend asking for the contact information for the RS and speaking with the operations section. The RS is the level of command immediately above the standard recruiters office. Also reference the, MCO P1040.31J in Chapter 4 Section 1 Paragraph 5 bullet b, if you are turned away again.

      The process is much easier than a new accession for the recruiter and counts towards their quota, try to sell that point. If they say you wouldn’t count refer to MCO 1130.80A



    3. Alberto

      It is possible to submit a package in the first quarter. You just have to be in one of those critically short MOSs listed in the MARADMINS.

      2. Policy
      a. Time Frame. Applicants may only reenlist from 1 January through 30
      September each fiscal year. Active duty first term Marines have the first
      opportunity to take an FTAP boatspace from 1 October through 31 December.
      Marines accepted for reenlistment per this enclosure enter the career force.
      Exceptions to this policy will be made for individuals who qualify for and
      desire to reenlist into one of the critically short MOSs listed in the yearly
      FTAP/STAP Execution Guidance MARADMIN.

    4. Anthony

      I’m trying to do the same thing. I talked to my Career Planner and the PSR at my unit and they said that it would speed up the process of your DD-368 getting approved if you drop to the IRR. In the SMCR it has to go all the way up your chain of command and in my case down to 4th MAW where as in the IRR you fax it straight to the MOBCOM Career Planner after your recruiter signs off on it, and then they will send it back to your recruiter. If you all have heard anything different or have different advice please reply. Thanks and Good luck to ya.

      1. killfoot Post author

        I would almost agree. I have had to deal with an amazing amount of issues with acquiring the DD 368. Getting released is much harder than getting picked back up by the Active component.

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  3. Tonio G

    This is great info. I wish I would of known this all long ago. The recruiters sure do get a kick out of shooting down veterans who would be honored to give it another go; while they are trying be friends with the high school’s snot-nosed-teenagers (no offence kids). There you have it folks, the Marine Corps don’t need ya! If you get in the gang, it’s for life! The difference is, you can either stay in for life, of spend your life wishing you might have. Recruiters are “Devils” for sure; LYING TO VETERANS: “We don’t even get any credit for broken-service re-enlistments!” – SGT SCHMUCKATELLI/RSS USA

    The good news: (in reality) The Marine Corps is worse off for not taking advantage of all the truly faithfull Marines willing to lay it all down on the line for the love of the Corps values. Recruiters follow their commands, and try to only seek “fresh meat.” It’s only too bad they are filling their ranks with so many sh%@-bags. Have you seen these new MCRD “graduates” yet? It makes me sick to see what these young people are doing to my beloved Corps. I think I’d rather wrestle with the VA than deploy with these new Marine. I thought reservist where bad, but that’s what most Marine act like on the day after graduation.

  4. Eric S

    I’m prior service army and i’m working with a marine recruiter now. He says he can ship me out in november.

    1. killfoot Post author

      I believe you are processed like a new join. Because only Naval service counts as Prior Service in the Marine Corps. Except for your PEBD of course.

  5. Cpl USMC

    I have been dying to know how I can get back into active duty. My EAS was December 2007 and I recently joined the Marine Corps reserves with 4th MT BN Company B last year in 2010, but I’ve been only using up my IRR time and I’m not Motor T but now they are willing to give me a 2 year contract to go to MOS School. My End of Contract is in July and I’m up for reenlistment into the reserves but I want to go to active duty. Is it easier for me to join now that I have an up to date CFT PFT Riffle Qual and new promotion to E-4. If so should I still submit my package anyway and if I do will I be stuck with my reserve unit.

  6. Sgt Taylor

    Any Marines seeking further information about any of the other great Marine Corps Reserve programs we offer, please feel free to give me a call. I am a Prior Service Recruiter for the southern California area and I would be glad to assist in any way that I can….Semper Fi.

    Sgt Taylor
    [email protected]

    1. J Scott

      Do you have any info on prior service recruiters for the Springfield, Missouri area? I was an E5 in the infantry but don’t necessarily want to do that shit anymore. If I have no other options for lat moves I will do it again. What are the service limits for VA disability percentages?

  7. Lon Hebert

    My son was a marine for 8 years from 2002-2010 he attained the rank of SGT Mos was 0621. he was honorably discharged april 2010. he is looking to get back into the corps. he went to a recruiter here in in san Antonio texas. but he had a tattoo top of his right shoulder to the middle of his right arm. he served with honor and distinction. he was told they wanted him to come in as a recruiter but he had to wait for the newest maradmin where they would lower the standards. I can tell he wans back into the corps he misses. being in the corps with his his brother marines. if it could at all possible please bring him back into the corp to continue his miligtay career.



    PS, Please keep this between us. he does not like me to interfere.

  8. Guerschom F. Bernard

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Does Anyone know how to obtain PSEP Package and if you do if u have an RE-Code of a
    3P does that affect u from reentering the marine corps?

    1. killfoot Post author

      I no longer have the package attached, as the version I have is outdated. You would need to have a local Recruiter request it for you. (Not a prior service recruiter). As for 3P, it will certainly depend on the current entry requirements and your MOS, again regular recruiter is your point of contact.

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