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USMC Active Reserve MOS Feeder List

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 Current Avaliable Billets for Active Reserve Click Here



Here is a quick reference list of all of the USMC Active Reserve Military Ocupational Specialties(MOS) feeders for Promotions.  These feeders begin with Sergeant to Staff Sergeant Promotion.

0100 0111 5700 5711
0111 5711
0200 0291 6046 6046
0231 6049
0300 6000
0311 6048
0321 6072
0331 0369 6073
0341 6092
0351 6112
0352 6113
0400 0411 6132 6019
0411 6152
0431 0491 6154
0451 6172
0600 6174
0621 6212
0622 0699 6216
0651 6217
0656 6256
0659 6257
7382 6276
1141 6300
1142 1169 6316
1161 6317
1171 6322 6391
2111 2181 6336
2112 6337
3043 3043 6500
6531 6591
3051 3051 6541
3451 3451 6600 6672
3521 3529
7041 7041
3531 3537
8412 8412
4821 4821

USMC Active Reserve Billets

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The current Active Reserve billets are always changing, due to Marines coming on to the program and leaving the program.

Their are two times a year that the billets are most avaliable, they are October due to promotion failure seperations and January due to calender year movement avaliability.

There is no internet available list of Active Reserve billets.


There is a list of MOS’s that are accepting applications which can be found HERE


In order to get this list you must contact a Prior Service recruiter that can request the current list.


Prior Service Recruiter Phone List

The Rerserve Affairs Manpower – 2 office does randomly publish a MARADMIN with Active Reserve shortages throughout the year but these list are only valid for a mater of weeks due to changing manpower needs.

The published MARADMIN is only for limited tour billets.  This is important because Marines that join to one of these billets will not be guarenteed reenlistment.

Active Reserve(AR) Program – USMC – Eligibility and Templates

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I have been on the Active Reserve(AR) program for three years now and would like to share some opinions about the program and provide a small guide to getting on the program.

First I will talk about what AR is.  Active Reserve Marines are by contract and component designation reserve Marines.  You should read that sentence again.  The designation as reserve Marine has a lot of meaning in our world.  I want to make you aware of some of the negatives about being in the AR program and then some of the advantages.


  • Bonus funding is almost nonexistent.  You will most likely never receive a bonus for reenlistment.
  • Promotions can be very cyclical.  The very small number of personnel inside each occupational field can lead to some stagnation within the ranks.  Their is a lot of up and down with  available promotions.  Plan on getting promoted at the target years see this  MARADMIN 068-11.
  • Being reserve component excludes you from most active duty special assignments and commissioning programs: Warrant Officer, Congressional Liaison, Intel College, and many other small active duty programs.
  • You will be stationed in New Orleans at some point.


  • Some great duty assignments.
  • Very low deployment cycle. (Can be a good and bad thing depending on your preference)
  • Most duty stations are not at large Marine Corps bases. (good and bad also)
  • Great community relations(COMREL) opportunities.
  • Very tight working groups of I&I staff.
  • Lots of opportunity to excel and carry many billets.

Weigh the pros and cons in your own circumstances carefully before you move forward.

Marine Corps Manpower Active Reserve Website

I will cover this process in steps as questions.

1.  Are you prior active duty or SMCR?  Are you qualified?

The following Career MOSs are supported:
0121, 0151, 0193, 0231, 0311, 0331, 0369, 0411, 0431, 0451, 0481, 0491, 0621, 0629, 0691, 0651, 0656, 0699, 0699, 1141, 1142

1161, 1169, 1171, 1181, 2111, 3043, 3051, 3451, 3521, 3522, 3529, 3531, 3537, 5711, 6046, 6019, 6048, 6072, 6073, 6112, 6113

6114, 6152, 6153, 6154, 6172, 6173, 6216, 6217, 6256, 6257, 6242, 6322, 6391, 6316, 6317, 6324, 6336, 6337, 6591, 6531, 6541

6672, 7041, 8412, 8421
and Limited Tour MOS supported are:
1371, 1391, 1812, 1833, 2146, 3381, 5811, 7011, 7372, 7382

You have to be one of the above or eligible to lateral move into one of the above MOS.

It doesn’t matter, except for your Date of Rank, more later about that.  Here are the shorthand qualification requirements.  MCO 1001.52H

    1. Be a Marine, active or reserve.  Active duty can not apply until they have less than 6 months left on there contract.
    2. Completed PME(MCI’s and acadamies for SNCO’s) for your grade.  Requirements are here MCO P1553.4
    3. Meet height and weight standards.  Found here MCO P 6100.12.
    4. Can not be retired or disabled by any service.
    5. Meet age requirements(waiverable).  Sgt(31) – SSgt (35) – CWO(39) – Lt(28) – Capt (34) – Major(39)
    6. Pass a physical.  DD Form 2807 and DD Form 2808.
    7. Have 3 years on a reserve contract before assignment.
    8. Be able to serve 5 consecutive years before retirement.

Just to clear up some things that are incorrect in this section of the MCO, there is no selection board for enlisted AR packages now, they are accepted/denied by the monitors.  Commanding officer endorsements are not required unless you are a drilling reservist or on active duty.

I would recommend finding out who the most senior enlisted Marine for you MOS that is on the AR program and give them a call.  The monitors regularly speak with the AR MOS sponsor. (hint hint)

You will need to get on www.marines.mil  or on the site and check the current maradmins for any Active Reserve messages that may have more strict guidance than those listed here.  They sometimes add small changes.

2.  Can you type and use a copy machine?

Below is a template for the package itself.  You will have to attach all of the documentation listed in the enclosures section and get it signed off.  This signature can be difficult for IRR Marines because you will have to work through a Prior Service Recruiter.

Finding your local PSR is hard.  First go here https://www.marines.usmc.mil/PA_NEW/MCRC_PA_REGDIST_00.html then call the district closest to you and ask them for the PSR phone number.  I know that seems silly but most of the Recruiting websites are broken or out of date so best to just call.

UPDATE** I have added this Prior Service Recruiter point of contact page.

The PSR will be able to pull the currently avaliable billets and let you know what is open.  You can use my template attached or they might provide you one.

Find the closest military hospital.  Go there get a physical, this is very hard if you are not SMCR and have a good relationship with our command, they should let you RMP or RIDT to get it done, because you need to be on duty.

3.  Submit it up the chain or to RAM-2.

Then wait. You should be contacted by phone if you are approved or denied to join.  RAM-2 will also release a naval message that will act as your orders to active duty and TMO validation.  You PSR or unit career planner will have to pull this for you most likely.

Some other info.

There are currently five “B-Billets” available: Prior Service Recruiting (8411), Drill Instructor (0911), Training Chief (8711), Special Staff Billets (8014) and Marine Combat Instructors (0913). Marines are not hired directly to a B-Billet. Once career designated, RAM-2 may screen Marines for one of these duties, or a Marine may request via AA Form to be screened. Communication with the special assignments monitor can determine availability of particular billet locations. Drill Instructors, Recruiters, and Marine Combat Instructor all receive Special Duty Assignment (SDA) pay.

Basically, service with the AR is identical to service with the active component. The major difference is that the AR mission is to support the reserve component. Also, we have virtually no overseas billets. We compete for promotions with other AR Marines on the same schedule as the reserve component. Refer to MCO 1001.52H W/ CH1, the AR Order for specifics.

P.S. This is a working document.  Subject to updates.