Happy Birthday Marines and MOBCOM/IRR/MFR Customer Service

It is always nice to remember our history and appreciate those that have come before.


Also wanted to say that the IRR/MOBCOM S-1, is the BEST administration section in the Marine Corps.

I have had multiple 4 hours or less responses to 3270 entrees, DD368 request, and benefit questions.


Just wanted to say thanks to whoever is running the show down their, it is a HUGE breath of fresh air compared to admin in most of the Marine Corps.


MOBCOM or IRR Administration or MFR Customer Service

Website: https://csc.marforres.usmc.mil/


Email: [email protected]


Phone: 1-800-255-5082


Fax:  504-697-8695 (Questions and ePARs can now be accepted via fax. Include all contact information to include name, rank, last 4, email, and phone number.)