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Prior Service Enlistment Program Marine Corps Part 2

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It has been a few months since I began the process of accessing from the Active Reserve program into the Active Component, and I wanted to make a quick post about he difficulty I have had since that time.

I was denied seperation from my current component formally with a denied DD368 twice.  I was told to wait until I was within 90 of EAS and was again denied.  I was then told to wait until 45 days prior to my EAS and it was approved.  Keep in mind that when you are a member of the Active Reserve you must seek approval for you seperation directly from the program managers at Reserve Affaris Manpower – 2 (RAM-2).

I am now less than 40 days from EAS and separation and must some how complete all of the required processes including a DD2808 physical that is a MEPS physical, but you can not do this at a MEPS because you are already a member of the military, so you must talk a military hospital into completing this form that they are not suppose to complete.

After I complete this form I must babysit my package through 8 levels of command and then 3 levels of screening in order to be boarded, which only occurs once a month.  So if I am very very lucky I may get my package to the PSEP manager before the July board.  If I am even more lucky I will actually be approved to join the Active Component, even though only 12 Marines have been accessed this year into the PSEP program.

Wish me luck.  I am now preparing for separation in light of the seeming insurmountable administrative mountain of bureaucracy.